Uk Roadtrip to: Manchester!

January 27th, 2015

Becky met a new girlfriend during a photo shoot and she thought Summer would be an excellent victim for the Road Trip. And indeed, when we arrived there were two stunners at the pool table waiting for us. They were hopeless at the game but the sex was outstanding!
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Uk Roadtrip to: university sluts

January 25th, 2015

Time for a little walk out in the forest with Chloe. That girl sure loved to be touched up and licked by all of us. As a thank you, she treated us to a great dildo show in the back of our van… just to warm us up for the next scenes… To see Chloe get fucked, visit here


UK amateur sluts making porn in public

January 23rd, 2015

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Uk Sex in Chelmsford

January 21st, 2015

This busty blonde is seen with a great big cock between her absolutely massive tits….she says they’re size jj!!! She is giving this guy a great time licking and sucking his cock and ends up with the most amount of spunk over her pretty little face! To see her and much more, visit here


Uk Roadtrip to: fucking in the shower

January 19th, 2015

On our way to our new location in Wandsworth we picked up Chantelle: Blond, big boobed and sex hungry. She couldn’t even wait untill we got to the hotel where there were two other girls waiting for us: She wanted a dose there and then! To see these girls get fucked, visit here


Uk Roadtrip to: Southampton!

January 17th, 2015

Usually I am very careful about where I leave my camera but when these two girls had to wait for us in my bedroom I was pretty happy that I left it there: As soon as they discovered my equipment they were filming each other doing the horniest things… To see these two girls, visit here


Uk Roadtrip to: Weekend DP Rampage!

January 15th, 2015

Slutty Angel had given Marino such a treatment the day before that he had to pass on the fucking today - and that was his loss as we had two gorgeous blonds ready to be screwed! So all he could do was sit there… and watch… and enjoy! To see these guys fuck, visit here


Annabelles Anal delights

January 13th, 2015

Annabelle was our first victim on the other side of the Channel and soon enough we were enjoying her voluptuous body. Fortunately she appeared to be bisexual as well and someone surely made use of that situation! to see more, visit here

Uk Roadtrip to: Kent!

January 11th, 2015

Together with Tracy, a new face on the Road Trip, we visited Leeds Castle and generally misbehaved on the grounds there until it was time to meet up with Becky and do some serious filming (and fucking) in her parents grand mansion. to see tracy and becky get a fucking, visit here

Uk Roadtrip to: On the Ferry

January 9th, 2015

Bon arse fucking jour! As the French would say. This is Le grand one! Me, Bob and the crazy gang drive 3000 miles in ten days, only stopping to drink some piss and wash their cocks. It’s six a.m. Alicia Rhodes, Angie George and Annebel Moon are sleeping in the wagon, not for long as they boys are eager to see what is under their clothes; rudely awoken by the lights and cameras rolling the girls get in to action. Angie’s massive breast are centre of attention as the three ladies kiss and touch each other whilst giving the boys a show of flesh. They suck each others tits and strip their clothes off as quickly as possible. They say the early bird catches the worm, but this time it’s the other way round. My wonder worm is up and standing to attention, and these three hungry chicklets are rapidly pecking at my cock. Three women sucking my cock and balls and riding me. Lucky me always in the right place at the right time. Not to be selfish I spray my juice over all three women. Smiling to myself that the French Road Trip has began. We are sailing. We are sailing, across the English Channel, in neutral waters I get a naughty look from the voluptuous Annebel Moon, and wink to the crew and we slip up on deck. Nothing like a gusty gail blowing over the top deck. Annebel is such a saucy French minx. She drops to her knees and gets my hard cock out of my trousers and licks and sucks me. The greedy little French maid serves her man well. With a couple of on lookers watching and laughing. I take Annebel’s jeans down and bends her over and fuck her from behind. As the weather gets worse I finish up in Annebel’s mouth… To see full length movie visit here


Uk Roadtrip to: Bristol!

January 7th, 2015

The Road Trip took a bit of a left turn. I was heavily duped by the lads into going to the off licence to load up with beers for the evenings entertainment in Bristol. However as I returned to the van I was press ganged by the Big show and the others, as they gaffe taped my hands, legs and mouth up, threw me on the floor between the seats and drove off with speed. Of course all the fucking was back to London they kept beating and kicking me, more than I deserve… As I was dumped on the couch back home, the gaffe tape was peeled from my eyes to reveal the birthday present that my girlfriend Rebekah Jordan had left me. Two horny sluts wrapped in red bows and ribbons, there could be no finer present to give a man on his birthday. Donna Marie and Laura, set abut me and gave me a double birthday blowjob guzzling down all my cum. Happy with my empty balls I was taken to the bathroom where Laura and Donna pissed in my mouth then over Dirty Dogs cock. Red rag to a bull. Old D.D took the girls threw then on the couch, me and Willy G, fucked the girls pussies arses and mouths till they submitted and drank the whole crews jizz. All the crew with empty balls; another Road Trip successfully completed… To see full length movie visit here


UK Street Slut video: Flashing In London

January 5th, 2015

The London Trip. This is the big one, the time when I feel the UK Road Trips really came together. Luckily I had Bob the Knob back; they finally found a drug that allowed him to be out in public for more than five minutes without getting his cock out. He lasted at least 6 minutes. The girl of my dreams joined me on this Road Trip, and although living with Rebekah Jordan, I knew my heart had been stolen by this woman, Sonia arrived, she is half Egyptian, and takes you to the banks of the Nile with one look into her eyes. We picked her up from the Station and no sooner was she in the wagon when her clothes were off and this stunningly beautiful dusky lady was writhing over my ever stiffening cock. Oh my God I knew this was gonna be a movie. We set off that evening in search of the perfect night out, we picked up the ever rampant Jo Marshall from good old Tooting, and set off for the Kings Road Chelsea, Sonia and Jo were the perfect combination of ladies to take out to London. We hit Hammersmith Palais one of the greatest clubs in the world, we pulled up outside as the crowds were waiting to get in, we ran past security and the girls went straight to party mode, what ensued I can only thank my lucky stars, we were whisked up to the V.I.P suite where we gave the 50 men strong security team a live two girl then me n bob entered the equation and the girls. What a night in London… To see full length movie visit here


Uk Roadtrip to: In The country

January 3rd, 2015

I decided to keep Becky lee over night with me cos that’s the kind of guy I am. Next day the fun began, D.D turned up with the one and only Wendy Taylor, so off we all went to Biggin Hill, the back of the wagon was a mish mash of blow jobs and pussy licking and fingering, why am I always driving? We stopped at a lovely pub for lunch where the landlord recognised us and offered his services, he took us to a fantastic area where we were able to have a beautiful 6 way gangbang in the great British countryside, I think most depraved acts were performed, but for me the best bit of the day was watching the lustful landlord piggy backing Louise across country with a hard on. Bless him. After that we picked up Tracey Williams with Louise still on board, Kris D.D. Wilster and myself shot to Leeds castle where we looked like some mischief was about to happen when little Becky Jordan rang me up and said she was at her uncles house just off the M-20. DING DONG went the door bell and fuck me what a heavenly sight opened the door, Becky Jordan in her tartan outfit. I saw the boys ready for some UK porn action, so for a laugh me n Wislter sent them to get the lunch, whilst we perved over Louise Becky j and Tracey William go three way d/p dildo lesbo action. by the time the pricks had returned with the food they had missed the party, good old greedy Super Marino… To see full length movie visit here


Uk Roadtrip Weekend Rampage!

January 1st, 2015

At the house Josephine was waiting… but not for us guys! One look at Cherry made her decide she wanted this blond bombshell for herself to begin with. Well, the girls definitely matched. As far as their hooters were concerned in any case! To see the girls fuck, visit here


Uk Roadtrip to: Windsor!

December 30th, 2014

On the road again with Heidi and Kathleen to meet the lovely Sarah for a hot orgy. Well, the girls did a warming up in the car already but when we arrived there was no one home. Determined to get his orgy, Marino decides on a real burglary… To see the girls get fucked, visit here


Uk Roadtrip to: Birmingham!

December 28th, 2014

We found no city so depressing as Birmingham. In fact we could only find two positive things about it: The road down South and and unexpected visit to a sex shop where we encountered Katrina in one of the booths. We kidnapped her there and then! To see the Birmingham babe get fucked, visit here


Uk Roadtrip to: Newport!

December 26th, 2014

Snapper had promised to organize some rock girls for us and indeed he had… albeit that these girls were from the first years of rock… However, they still performed like youngsters and they certainly had the experience to give us a good time! To see these girls get fucked, visit here


Uk Roadtrip to: Weekend DP Rampage!

December 24th, 2014

Slutty Angel had given Marino such a treatment the day before that he had to pass on the fucking today - and that was his loss as we had two gorgeous blonds ready to be screwed! So all he could do was sit there… and watch… and enjoy! To see the sluts fuck, visit here


New Blog Added: Janey Web’s Diaries

December 22nd, 2014

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Uk Roadtrip to: Cambridge 02!

December 20th, 2014

After our romp with Faith we moved on to pick up a friend of hers, Sylvia, who hardly had the time to make her acquaintance with us. As soon as she entered the van she was all over her girlfriend. There was simply no stopping her anymore! To see the Cambridge girls getting fucked, visit here