Jim Slip’s UK Street Slut: Sara

April 23rd, 2014

Jim Slip’s UK Street Slut: Sara’s first time. This is the first time Jim Slip met this young street slut on the streets of Budapest. These eastern european sluts will do anything for a few bucks. But offer them £500 ($1000) and you can get these filthy Eastern Europen street sluts to do just about anything. They will let you put your cock anywhere and this slut lets Jim put his cock exactly where he wants.


Latvian street slut gets fucked by Jim Slip

April 22nd, 2014

This sexy blonde Latvian is hot wearing red fishnet hold ups and a tiny miniskirt, so tiny she doesn’t need to bend over for you to catch glimpses of her thong. She masturbates in front of Jim and has a gorgeous shaven pussy, she lubricates her tight little arse and gets it pounded by a massive stiff cock.


Jim Slip fucks 18 year old up the arse

April 21st, 2014

 This 18 year old stunner has supposedly written to Jim Slip asking him to fuck her. She travels to his flat and gets dressed in a sexy little dress and fishnet tights. She is willing to try anything and Jim fucks her up her lovely little arse.

Dirty UK Wives amateur porn blog

April 20th, 2014

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Jim Slip fucks a British blonde amateur

April 19th, 2014

 This sexy blonde Uk amateur has taken a load of her sexy clothes round to Jim Slips place and is going to fuck him all afternoon. She’s a dirty bitch and will do whatever he asks her to. She wears a skintight black pvc dreaa, white stockings and knee high boots. She spends a lot of time with a hard cock in her mouth.


Sexy Katie gets her arse fucked by Jim Slip

April 18th, 2014

 Jim and his camera woman are out on the pull and find a very sexy young brunette waiting at the bus stop. Jim persuades her to go home with him for a shag. This sexy brunette has on a sexy pink babydoll and pigtails and tries out her vibrator in front of Jim and tries on some really sexy gear, the best I think is the school girl uniform. Watch her fuck and suck and get her arse fucked by Jim’s big hard cock.


Jim Slips camera girl fucks an old man

April 17th, 2014

Jim Slip has a sexy camera girl called Lara. As Lara is out filming one day, she pulls an old man out rambling in the woods. She tells him that he can come back and fuck her and have his cock sucked. He gets to choose and outfit for Lara to wear from a selection and chooses a sexy black fetish outfit and black boots. He has the time of his life as she tells him to relax and lie back while she takes his huge cock in her mouth.


Jim Slip’s UK Street Slut: Sara

April 16th, 2014

Jim Slip’s UK Street Slut: Sara is a smoking chick in more than one way, she is smoking hot and she likes to smoke when on the job (being fucked) Wearing black stockings and a red and black lacy corset, this street slut looks very horny and very dirsty. What a tight arse hole Jim Slip has found here to fuck. He can hardly get his fingers inside her arse, but in the end manages to get his cock up there.


Jim Slip fucks brunette street slut

April 15th, 2014

This gorgeous young slut has gone to Jim’s place to get a good fucking. She’s horny and her pussy is shaven, she gets dressed up in some sexy clothes and black pvc come fuck me boots and fucks her pussy with a vibrator before she gets the cock she deserves.


British flashing sluts fucking outside

April 14th, 2014

Dirty British sluts exhibitionists are fucking and flashing outside in this great free British Flashers video blog. This free blog and only has the sluttiest British Flashers out and about in the U.K getting nasty in front of the camera. British flashers is a free movie blog dedicated to the british sluts who like to flash their cunts and tits of course. Mainly all the free flashing movies are taken outside but they also have sluts in cars and in old buildings getting nasty. Here is a free flashing movie taken from the British flashers blog. But if you want to watch all their great British Flashers Movies check out their site here.

Two girls and one guy

April 13th, 2014

Two horny young girls have been sent out on the streets of London to find a willing guy to shag. The guy gets to fuck both girls and get his cock sucked and he gets paid a hundred quid to do it! Lucky fella! The two girls are bith sexy and are wearing very sexy outfits. One is wearing a short, tight pvc outfit and the other is wearing a french maids outfit. They both do a great job servicing this lucky guy.


Jim Slip pulls a fat uk hooker

April 12th, 2014

Jim Slip fucks a British hooker. She’s a big girl, she has long blonde hair and is wearing typical slutty hooker clothes. She wears red hold ups and a red bra. You’ll see she has a pierced clit. She sits on top of Jim’s cock and fucks him hard, she’s a dirty bitch and does whatever he asks.


British housewives and girlfriends acting like sluts at hen parties

April 11th, 2014

Boozed women is a new blog I have found with British slutty wives and girlfriends out on stag nights with male strippers in these real amateur movies taken at clubs and pubs in the north east of England. I really didn’t realise things like this went on. I’m actually lost for words. Does your wife go out to hen nights with her friends? Well this is what she is probably getting up too. I bet my wife is the first one on stage playing with male strippers cocks. Take a look at these dirty British slags in these home made movie clips taken at hen parties. These home made amateur movies were taken at Ladies hen nights were there are male strippers doing live sex shows and getting the women playing with their cocks!. Wives and girlfriends of all ages getting on stage with these strippers and getting up to all sorts. Apart from licking cream of these strippers some even suck his cock. From young wives to old slags. These British wives are fucking filthy. This is a fucking great new site for those who want to watch real British amateur sluts drunk and getting nasty with these male strippers. If you want to see the site and the full length movies you can here at Boozed Women. Otherwise enjoy these shocking clips. Or see more free clips from the boozed women blog here

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Jim Slip pays brunette for anal sex

April 10th, 2014

Jim Slip manages to find yet another sexy young brunette to fuck. The poor thing has broken down on the hard shoulder and Jim has taken her under his wing. He pays her 500 quid to get his anal fix. This brunette is sexy and wearing a black fishnet all in one and black pvc knee high boots. She takes Jim Slips massive hard on up her arse and gives him a fantastic blow job.


Jim Slip’s UK Street Slut: Tia

April 9th, 2014

Jim Slip’s UK Street Slut: Tia from Liverpool has just been shopping for some sexy and kinky lingerie, when Jim slip finds her on the street. He offers her £500 to make a movie and this scouse slut of course jumps at the chance. This street slut has a great tan and a fantastic ass, that of course ends up with Jim’s cock up it.


Dirty brunette fucks Jimmy savaloy!

April 8th, 2014

 This filthy uk street slut gets taken in by Jim Slip’s disguise, she thinks he’s a bit of a celebrity and goes back to his for a fuck. She has great tits and loves showing them off, she has an afternoon of sex wearing lots of sexy outfits and Jim Slip gets a great shag.


Jim slip fucks sexy blonde up the arse

April 7th, 2014

Watch a very sexy blonde get the fucking she deserves. Jim Slip finds this particular slut out on the streets and feels she needs her cute arse fucked. She dresses up in a really cute bright pink bikini and sucks a very good cock and then gets her arse fucked.


Jim Slip fucks two brunette street sluts up the arse

April 6th, 2014

Jim Slip yet again manages to pull two very sexy brunettes. These two gorgeous girls are meant to be at work cleaning the vicarage but Jim Slip manages to entice them away from their jobs for a while so that he can fuck them both up the arse. These girls are not wearing very much, they look sexy in their lingerie. One of them has a fabulous pair of red fishnets on and the other a black pvc top and black fishnets. Both have very sexy little arses and are loving getting them fucked.


Lady wife Lady Sonia

April 5th, 2014

Lady Sonia Movie is a blog all about the most famous unfaithful wife and well known slut Lady Sonia. In this blog we have some great content taken from the slut wife Lady Sonia. Including movies and Lady sonia pictures. I have posted a few samples of both. Free movies  free picture galleries. Please take the time to see this Uk slut in action. See this totally free Lady Sonia Blog

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Street Sluts do not get any more naughty than these British street sluts

April 4th, 2014

Dogging UK Street Sluts do not get any more naughty than these British street sluts. Featuring loads of public sex, that sometimes involves the men watching joining in the action in these real amateur movies. Sometimes though there is no hardcore,  just real amateurs and flashers getting their bums, holes and boobies out in front of the camera.

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